Make Bangalore Beautiful Once Again !

Yes, We Can Do It.

Make Bangalore Beautiful Once Again

Bangalore once the Garden City of India has now become Garbage City. The beauty and peace of Bangalore has been lost and is diminishing every year. It’s high time we have to save the beautiful city.

The issues of Bangalore are the following :
1. Garbage Disposal
2. Pot Holes
3. Traffic
These issues has to be tackled efficiently. A special department has to be formed by the government which also takes in confidence of different NGOs, schools, colleges corporate offices etc. and the work has to be executed jointly. 


How this can be done ?


 Waste Disposal :

1. Strong campaign like Swatch Bharath in the city level with partnership of public bodies.
2. Responsibility of cleanliness and garbage check to be done at every Block level to Street level, with strong penalty to the defaulters.
3. Encourage the dwellers to take pride that their area is clean. Make them part of a strong campaign that has no political influence. This inturn makes the local people deny any defaulters. People will set u their own Garbage Bins etc..
4. Weekly and monthly inspection to be carried out by the elected bodies. Same has to be directly monitored from top level. Strict action for defaulters.





1. One way to reduce the traffic is by clearing potholes. It’s a simple logic. The rain has destroyed the roads. Every small pot hole can increase the traffic by 1%.

2. There are “smart traffic signals” that can regulate as per the flow of vehicles. This efficiency can again reduce the traffic.

3. Breaking traffic rules is another reason for increased traffic. Imagine the commuters are following proper traffic rules in the city…following lane discipline, not jumbing signals, waiting before the zebra line for their own signal etc.. Traffic rules has to be very strict.

4. Use of devices like camera (video + photo) at every junction to check the defaulters. Even that can capture the video is necessary.

A simple camera device that can record half an hour of activities near to a junction can punish more than 10 defaulters – signal breakers, crossing zebra line, foot path drivers, lane breakers etc…



The actions are very simple. The responsibility is already passed to the elected bodies and to citizens in terms of civic duties. Its ONLY IMPLEMENTATION required.




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