Top 10 places to visit in Kerala

Experience God's Own Country

Top 10 places to visit in Kerala

Kerala, also known as “God’s Own Country” is gifted with natural beauty and rich culture & heritage, Blessed with the highest Human Development Index in India (ahead than many developed countries), it is the healthiest and cleanest state in India. Kerala has now become the most sought out destination in India by both Domestic and International travelers. Some of the laurels Kerala achieved in the field of tourism globally are given below :


() National Geographic’s Traveller magazine named Kerala as one of the “ten paradises of the world”

() National Geographic’s Traveller magazine named Kerala as  “50 must see destinations of a lifetime”

() Kerala is the number one travel destination in Google’s search trends for India



The must see top 10 places in Kerala are given below :


Tea Gardens of Munnar 

The Munnar Tea Gardens are a must visit if you are in Kerala. Until 1760, Munnar and its surrounding area were covered by forests. The place was first recognized by a European known as Duke of Wellington. A first sapling of tea plant was planted and today one can see miles and miles of lush green tea gardens. One can walk through these picturesque tea gardens which are filled with rich and scented fragrance of tea. You can also spot Neelakurinji, a flower that blooms every 12 years while taking a walk through these tea gardens. One also gets an opportunity to see the picking of the tea leaves and its processing in the factories on the visit. 


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Kerala Backwaters


The beauty of Kerala lies in its backwaters that are unique in the entire world. Brimming with natural beauty and economically viable, this uniqueness of Kerala, makes it a heavenly delight for its visitors. It features 41 West-flowing rivers of Kerala that are the highlights of this fabulous gift of nature. In earlier times, this water highway covered the entire expanse from the South of Kerala to the northernmost part of the state but many of these waterways have been closed now.  Today, Kerala remains a land of canals, lagoons, lakes and rivers, which constitute the so-famous Backwaters of Kerala, which have played an important part in the lifestyle of the people living on its shores. For the benefit of the tourists, the old waterways are being re-opened. 





 Athirapally Waterfalls


 Athirapally is the perfect frame for some stunning nature photography. A luscious waterfall; dense green forest surrounds; the refreshing, crystalline waters of the mountain stream that eddy around the huge rocks that rise majestically out of it; such photogenic setting makes it a favourite with shutter bugs and film makers. The Athirapally fall is among the best known falls in Kerala, situated at the entrance of the Sholayar ranges in the Western Ghats, around 70 kilometres from Kochi. The water cascades down from about 80 feet into the Chalakkudy river. The fall can be accessed by a two kilometer trek up a steep climb through lush, green forested area. As you climb deeper into the forest, a calming quiet and a blanket of interesting flora envelope you, spiked only by the chirping of the huge bird population that inhabits this unique riparian ecosystem in Kerala. 




Varkala Beach


 Varkala beach is situated just an hour’s drive away from Kovalam. It is believed that a dip in the waters of Varkala Beach can purge one’s body from impurities and wash away the sins of the soul (and hence is also called Papanasam Beach). The sedimentary rock formations adjacent to the coastline are a unique feature of the beach (known amongst geologists as Varkala Formations). Savour the authentic coastal cuisine at the beachside stalls and eateries along the coastline. Step in one of the Ayurvedic massage centres located nearby and pamper your mind and body.





Folklore Museum in Cochin


Folklore Museum situated at Thevara Ferry road, Cochin is one of the great antique museums in Kerala. It displays a wide variety of historical and cultural antiques from south India. Visitors can look back and see how their ancestors worked around life with out technology. The collections of antiques which are displayed in the museum mainly is the hard work of a woman. The entrance of the Folklore museum made by the roof of a temple and this leads a reception area where visitors have to buy the entrance ticket. The museum is full of antiques as there is not a piece or stone has been taken out or made new. At the entrance area we can see a big fan hanging on the roof which was built by the British followers and its weight is about 65 kilogram. 






Kerala Kathakali Centre


Kerala Kathakali centre is the Kerala’s foremost arts school and the only authentic theatre where Kathakali, music, martial arts and other dance forms are demonstrated in traditional style with its real sense and reality.





Lulu Mall


LuLu Mall is the largest shopping mall in India situated in Edappally in the city of Kochi, Kerala. It is one of the most visted places in Kerala. Spanning 17 acres and with a total retail floor area of 1.7 million square feet, it is the 89th largest shopping mall in the world.





Poovar Island


Poovar is one among the natural wonders where the Lake, River, Sea and Beach meet the land. It is located 12 km from Kovalam in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. Poovar is an isolated and beach, situated close to the Neyyar River estuary.





Chembra Peak


Chembra peak is one of the major tourist attractions in Wayanad of Kerala. It is a major trekking destination in Kerala. Permission from forest office is required for carrying out trekking activity to Chembra peak. It takes three and a half hours to reach the peak. On the way to top there is a heart shaped lake called “Hridhaya Thadakam” or “Heart Lake”. The lake has historical importance and is believed it has never been dried up. From the top of Chembra one could see the entire Wayanad.






Marari Beach


Marari or Mararikulam Beach is a beautiful beach in Alleppey district of Kerala situated 11 km from Alleppey town. Its a clean and quiet beach.





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