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If you want to  be part of something that is big, satisfying and rewarding, here is an oppurtunity.

As part of our initial fund raising of our new  project, we invite interested people who believes investing in technology can give EXCELLENT RETURNS !





 We introduce you to the future of TRAVEL industry


 Trip Me !





What’s Trip Me ?


You would have booked hotels / flights through Make my Trip, Yatra etc.. but haven’t you felt the need of a trip planner in which you can plan your entire travel day wise, budget it, compare the rates and book it.
Trip Me Technologies Pvt Ltd is a solution for this apart from individual flight, hotel and cab bookings. This is also going to nullify the requirement of a travel agent for package tour booking. 







Feature Highlights of Trip Me:



A. Trip Planner

Plan your trip with user friendly process to add hotels, book flights, book a cab / rent a cab etc… Even you can select the sightseeing places which you want to cover while selecting the cab required for your Vacation. Isn’t it AWESOME !



B. Trip Plan Rate Comparison / Trip Budgeting

You can plan multiple itinerary, compare the rates with different selections of hotels, cabs, add inclusions and book. So you can TRAVEL LIKE A PRO within your budget without any tension.

eg. 3 Star Hotel + AC Indigo Cab for 3 Days for complete sightseeing + Flight Rates              


  2 Star Hotel + Own Vehicle etc….





planC. No Waiting for Quotes and Negotiation with Travel Agents for Tour Packages

Be smarter than any travel agents by creating your own itinerary and book in the most cost effective way for tour packages. Here you select hotels and cabs as per ratings and features, unlike what is provided by travel agents.














Is that all…….will Trip Me be Market Leaders only by these FEATURES ?








Not only Nationally but Globally.





That’s why our team is working on the future technology – AUGMENTED REALITY and VIRTUAL REALITY to be integrated in travel.




Pokemon Go CP Squirtle

By Pokemon Go you would be familiar about Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality.


The application created billion dollar revenue on the first week of the launch. Though the application was released only in selected countries. In India the application is yet to be released, but we already heard a lot about it. These proves the acceptance of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and soon enough it is going to dominate the world technology.




Sharing the Secret – Our team is having first hand knowledge in this latest technology.





All major companies – Apple, Google, Microsoft etc… has admitted AR/VR going to be the future of technology.

Apple and google has bought number of AR companies globally in the past three years and researching on the latest forms of AR. The key advantage of AR & VR is that, it can be used in different industries from medical to entertaiment purpose such as Pokemon Go








We say……….We are FAR ADVANCED in India … it’s only some minor hurdles that had stopped us to take the leap. Now we are ready to be the  NEXT BIG WHAT.







Yes, you heard it RIGHT the core of Trip Me is Augmented Reality !







We won’t disclose much on this Augmented Reality based project unless you are our trusted partner…..



See the video below, it shows a cluster of how we are using this technology in Travel Business.








Our Journey till Date

You should know about us before you Invest your precious Money.


ezz villasYear 2013 :

Launched a new travel business – Ezz Villas, that featured renting Luxury Holiday Villas. Could run it for only 6 months. Yes, we failed badly. Reason of failure – simple – Didn’t know how to do business structurally.




Year 2013 – Present 2016:

Decided to Tour Packages Ezz Holidaysbe cautious, learn and then grow. So started Ezz Holidays. The company offers the best tour packages in all of the tourist destinations in India. Partnered with wide network of travel groups across the country, worked in and out to know the industry. Our first goal was to make this business a profitable one. We then understood, business, big or small is not easy, there is lot to learn. We followed the modern business principles. We never published a booklet / a flyer / or a poster. Everything was DIGITAL MARKETING. Learning …..failing … – learning, playing with numbers and analytics, experimenting with sales and marketing etc….and the good work of our highly motivated employees made Ezz Holidays to be in PROFIT.

From the start itself, we wanted to grow EXPONENTIALLY and to be NOT JUST A COPY CAT, by building another Online Travel Agency, or providing Cost Effective Accommodation Provider etc…

We had clear vision how to achieve this, by using Dynamic Package Booking Engine and Augmented Reality. We learned, researched and done all the ground work for it. And we have given a name for it ‘Trip Me’.


” We learned business from STREETS”




Sajay, (co-founder) of Ezz Holidays and Mr.XYZ (name hidden as it’s very confidential at this point of time) from the year 2015 continued their experiments and  Research & Development.

By July 2016 they built the prototype –  birth of TRIP ME !




Achievements of Ezz Holidays can’t be skipped here….we worked hard for it.


What does a client need from a travel agent like us – Excellent Memorable Vacation. It’s not the volume of sales we take pride, or government awards….it’s the Customer Satisfaction we always concentrated. We did our job the best way and customers rewarded it. Can you name any 3 travel agency, big or small, who could compete with us in customer satisfaction……….who could get 5 Star rating from clients. 





Ezz Holidays gained lot of reputation that no Travel Agency in India could achieve – be it Make My Trip, Yatra, Thomas Cook or Cox and Kings ——100 % Customer Satisfaction. Being from Army background, Capt Ajay was very particular on this aspect. The excellent team who were handpicked achieved this herculean task easily.








Read what CUSTOMERS talk about Ezz Holidays in their Reviews 



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Trip Advisor Reviews (Click)


facebook ezz holidays ratingGoogle Ezz Holidays Ratingtrip advisor ezz holidays





Road Map of Project Trip Me Technologies Pvt Ltd. 

Phase 1

road mapA. Development of Dynamic Tour Package building website with features – trip planner, trip rate comparison, trip booking, flight booking, cab booking and hotel booking……..means the launch of (90 % completed)




launchB. Launch of our Travel Application with the core feature – Dynamic Tour Package Booking. 90 % of Work Completed.


C. Launch of our first Augmented Reality based App

Note – Its not related to travel. It’s to prove the world our efficiency in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for later huge investment (10 Crore minimum).




Phase 2

product launch

A. Augmented Reality in travel and secure Investment of Rs.10,00,00,000

Once beta version launched we continue building AR based travel application even when other projects of Trip Me runs parallel. The semi version of Augmented Reality based travel App in 6 months from the date of launch of Trip Me. It will be featured with AR nearby tourist spots, hotels and cab. It is the time to go for Series A investment. The Series A investment targeted for 10 Crore. The purpose of the Series A funding is for enhancing AR technology, expand the reach of AR and big marketing.


B. Augmented reality tour guide and game reward point

On the successful Series A funding, we start working for covering the major tourist spots with 360 video and augmented reality. The tour guide feature allows the user to have a personal tour guide explaining the history and changes happened in the particular tourist spots with videos and animation.








Phase 3

Launch of AR based Trip Me in Global Market

Launch AR based Trip Me will BANG the travel market hard and acquire a good market share of travel industry in India swiftly.

The potential is high so WE GO GLOBAL with further investment.




The entire phase 2 till the Big Funding from VC’s  gets completed within 08 months, from the launch of




Yes, we are Incredibly Fast, because we have finished the ground work !





Our Dynamic Team 

Sajay Sanjos Alexander, Founder of Trip Me

2015-10-16_08.35.55 Belief – “Success is directly propotional to the hardwork and belief”


Career –  Engineer, experience of 5 Years in organised business, Founder of 3 StartUps, Experienced in both tourism and technology, own research on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Quick learner and adaptive in nature.







Capt Ajay Alexander (Retd), Co- Founder of Trip Me

0176906 Belief – “Life is beautiful enjoy the maximum.”


Career Indian Army (6 years), Alumni of IIM Lucknow, corporate experience of 1 year, 01 failed start up and 01 successful business. 





Mr.AR Man (name hidden due to confidentiality)


Belief –” Creating anything with technology gives me satisfaction. I am proud to be a techie because I enjoy creation. “



  • Working in a reputed MNC at senior managerial level for more than 8 years. (details are confidential)
  • 6 International Publication, addressed several International Platforms on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. (details are confidential)
  • Awards and recognitions on AR and VR technology.




Our  Technical Team

Mr.FMH (name confidential)

Belief – “Technology is always upadated, so I am”

Career 5 year experience in sofrtware development, 3 years experience on providing architectual solution as a senior software engineer, expert in database management, always a learner of latest technolgy.



Mr.KD (name confidential)

Belief – ” Creativity creates attraction”

Career 5 year experience in software development, 3 years in UI technology, expert in different UI technologies.




Mr.Shailesh Kumar

Belief – ” Hardwork pays”

Career – IT Engineer working with Trip Me as his first job. A quick learner with adaptive nature.



 (All confidential names and their capabilities will be disclosed upon your interest with us)





It seems that we had shared enough details about us. For more details you can contact us directly.







This invitation to partner with us is not for all.

You are being approached as you have been part of our life some way or other and have some-how proved your credibility to us.


You have accomplished some thing excellent in your life.

Still, we may require to know more about you before you become our partner, because this is going to be a lifetime partnership.






 Stake you get when investing with Trip Me



No. of shares given for 1% Equity = 1,000 shares



1 % Equity Cost = Rs.60,000 only



 Minimum Investment Commitment – Rs.60,000




Maximum Investment Allowed (per individual) – Rs.15,00,000








Registration and Legality (for Investors)


1. Investor can register the share in his name or by a person nominated by him.

2. Company will be registered as a Private Limited Company. Name of the investor / nominee and the share details will be registered as per company law.

3. All shares and legality will be as per the law of Government of India.

4. The copy of documentation of registration of the equity/share will be handed over to the investor after successful registration.

5. The investment will be closed as soon as the targeted fund has been raised / the closing date whichever is earlier.

6. Voting share in the company will be equivalent to the percentage of share holding.

7. A management board will be formed upon closure of each round of investment.





Terms and Conditions for Investors



1. All shares will be registered in the name of investor/ nominee accordingly:
  (a) After successful payment of the proposed investment amount by DD/ Cash/ Bank transfer. 

      (b) Investor / nominee should sign the company investment contract as per the Government rules.

2. No exit/disinvestment is allowed for minimum two years without the approval of director board.

3. Investor has no rights to involve in the working/ planning of the company since it might harm the future vision of the company.

4. Option for funding in 2 installments is given. But the full amount has to be received before our product launch.
If the investor fails to pay the balance amount which was promised, after his name is registered as share holder. The company has the right to dilute his shares as it’s is breech of trust, and company planning will be shattered. 





All other details like company’s revenue model, growth plan, date wise road map, what happens when we go for bigger investments, etc.. will be explained directly.




Contact us, for your life changer Tech Investment 

We believe and dare to be the No.1 in Travel Industry and AR / VR based travel technology globally. Believing and investing with us could be a life changer. 



Yes, the last word, nothing is free from risk in this world particularly INVESTMENT in BUSINESS. It’s said higher the risks, higher the returns. But what we assure you is through our experience from the base level, how we have minimized the risk factor. That’s our CONFIDENCE and that’s why we have decided to GO EXTREMELY BIG.


If you want to be the part of the next futuristic  and revolutionizing company, contact us, we are fully transparent and will grow your money.

E-mail : Sajay –

                 Capt Ajay –


OR put an SMS / Whatsapp message –


Sajay -+91 7259879165

Capt Ajay – +91 8904762692



Good Luck Dear Friend ….looking forward to see you on board !





5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

We completed our short vacation and returned home yesterday. We would like to thank you for the professional arrangements made by you in accordance with our requirements. We had arbitrarily chosen your organization to cater to our travel needs, randomly based on a wild Google search and therefore had our apprehensions regarding the correctness of our choice. But, as we have found out, all our concerns were unfounded. It was an enjoyable vacation for us. The hotel stays, cab journeys and the itinerary were all very good and comfortable . Once again, thank you. Regards

dinesh patel
dinesh patel

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I have book EZZ holiday package for Mysore ,ooty ,kodiakanel .
I & my family never forgot such marvelous trip in my life.
I really thanks to all ezz team to make my dream true.

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